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9th May - 14th May
Andrea Jaeger.
Open: by appointment - Ring Andrea 07963 597354
PV: Friday 8th May 6-9pm

Metamorphosis presents two of Andrea Jaeger's work: XA (2013) and What is left behind (2010).

XA refers to the section of the film negative that is exposed when the roll of film is inserted into the camera body. Discarded as trash in the photo laboratory, this artefact is astonishing in its own particular aesthetic quality, which takes the form of elemental originality. The work of art appears as its own kind of agent, as a kind of hybrid, to quote Bruno Latour. The present project is interested in the play of forms inherent in the medium as an expression of the interaction between photographer, camera and photographic material during the analogue era.

"What is left behind" recounts the story of the industrial past on Long Island, New York. Today, this past can only be reconstructed through pictures. Jaeger is fascinated by the beauty of the transitory. However, she is concerned less with documenting urban change than with observing transcience itself. A language of forms reflected in the material and the perspective onto it evokes feelings of decay, change and oblivion.

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